Music of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state of India, located in the northwest corner of the country. There are many kinds of folk songs from the area, many of which are sung without accompaniment.

Jhoori is a type of song that celebrates extra-marital romance. It is popular in Mahasu and Sirmaur, and is accompanied by a female dance called jhoomar. Laman songs from Kulu are another type of love song.

Saṃskāra songs are sung at festivals and celebrations by women from some of the higher castes. These songs are based on ragas, which are compositions of Indian classical music, as are the martial jhanjhotis.

Ainchaliyan are religious songs, sung at the bride’s house after a wedding and by women at the home of an unmarried girl.

In Chamba-Pangi, wandering musicians play a khanjari (tambourine) and perform, also using string puppets.

Himachal Pradesh folk music features a wide variety of drums, including dammama, damanght, gajju, doru, dhaunsa, nagara, dholku, nagarth, tamaka, dafale, dhol, dolki and hudak. There are also wind instruments like algoja, peepni, shehnai, bishudi, karnal and rana singha, and percussion instruments (aside from drums) like the ghanta and ghariyal (gongs), chimta (tongs), manjira and jhanjh (cymbals), ghungru ( bells), thali (platter) and kokatha murchang. String instruments include gramyang, sarnagi, jumang, ruman, ektara and kindari davatra.


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  1. Raj Singh Says:


    I am try to find out my favorite song “Hun Wo Katha Jo Nasda” but unable to find please help or mail me this song as mp3


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